Emergency Response

From major earthquakes to COVID-19, Partners In Health is often already on the ground when disaster strikes.  

That’s because our work around the world demands it.  We build long-term partnerships with communities, strengthening health systems, training local professionals, and providing medical care and social support. 

Whether for a natural or manmade disaster, we’re able to respond not just to the short-term emergency, but to its root causes: poverty and injustice. 

Our disaster relief involves partnering with communities for the long haul—equipping them with the tools today to prevent a disaster tomorrow. 

About Services We Provided When a disaster strikes, we move quickly and efficiently—often because we’re already on the ground.

We’re on the ground in communities around the world. That means we respond quickly and efficiently to disasters, often because we have a presence in that community already. We’re proud to be ready, willing and able to respond to all types of disasters—and proud that our efforts help people not only recover from disaster but also build stronger communities.


Over the years, ERA HEALTHCARE has made many advancements in the treatment and diagnosis of disease. Unfortunately, there are still many communities that do not have access to these new innovations. Because of this, it is critical for organizations like era healthcare to ensure that underserved communities have access to necessary and ongoing care.


While we’ve responded to natural disasters for years, this work has become even more urgent as climate change makes hurricanes, floods, and draught more common and destructive. The vulnerable communities where we work are often the hardest hit, highlighting the need for a response that integrates environmental justice. 


Disasters magnify when they are met with systemic injustices and policy failures over time. At ERA HEALTHCARE, we not only respond to the immediate short-term needs of communities, we also build long-term partnerships and push for research and policy solutions that will create lasting, global change.