Laboratory Diagnosis

Routine laboratory testing and diagnostics are often a luxury for underserved communities. The ERA HEALTHCARE Organization’s mission is to help bring this service to our community, and ensure that everyone has access to their basic human rights, one exam at a time. 

ERA HEALTHCARE uses Lab diagnosis service to help underserved communities by providing free blood tests to those who cannot afford it. Laboratory Diagnosis Service is intended to assist physicians, hospitals and other health care providers in rendering proper treatment for their patients by providing laboratory education, training, consultation and related services.

About Services We Provided Disease prevention, treatment and management are the key roles of a healthcare organization.

ERA HEALTHCARE organization is committed to improving health outcomes for underserved communities. We are proud of our role in the laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases that disproportionately impact these communities.

We provide the following services at ERA HEALTHCARE medical diagnostic center.
• Blood test
• Urine test
• Stool test
• Genotype testing
• Premarital screening test
• Gynecological consultations
• Home sample collection