Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Accompanying the government in its agenda, ERA Health Association decided to do its bit by strengthening healthcare in the communities it is covering.

Through the vision of its founders Wati Rostand A., and Matundu Emmanuel N., ERA HEALTH Association identified, invested in and brought visibility to pressing global issues.

ERA HEALTH Association mission has been to ensure access to quality health services for all, including the poorest section of the society, most especially internally displaced individuals following the ongoing crisis in Cameroon. Each of the interventions are designed and implemented to meet the following objectives;

  • Provide basic community knowledge on the importance of consultation and the use of laboratory to health.
  • Ensure community awareness on Covid-19 pandemic and the importance of its vaccination.
  • Engage in the fight against cholera epidemic.
  • Provide awareness to the community on male and female reproductive health and assist in the guidance and diagnosis of infertility factors.
  • To advocate, promote and sensitize communities, on primary health care, reproductive child health and family planning

These are now subsequently aligned to the Millennium development goals established by the United nations.

Our Vision

ERA HEALTH Association envisage a community where healthcare is accessible to all and no one is left behind due to financial constraints or lack of access to healthcare services. At ERA HEALTH Association, we remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting health equity and delivering affordable, high quality laboratory findings to the community. We work to be trusted by patients, a valued partner in the community and creators of positive change.