System Building

ERA HEALTHCARE acts on the belief that the best way to guarantee high-quality, dignified care is to rely upon and invest in local health systems.

What does building a health system look like? It requires–among many things–well-trained staff; proper and ample medications and supplies; health facilities with reliable space, electricity, and running water; and universally shared best practices that ensure patients receive quality care. We work with government partners to reach these goals by accompanying them every step of the way, in solidarity through times of struggle and celebration.

ERA HEALTHCARE approach is one of accompaniment. We work side-by-side with our friends and colleagues at all levels, whether they are community-based, local health authorities, or global health advocates, to deliver the highest quality care. We take our best practices and conduct research to demonstrate our impact and to educate current and future leaders at the local, national, and global levels. We are an organization that is diverse, nimble, and rises to the challenges we encounter with optimism, compassion, and tenacity.

How We Do It